EWGA YS Participation and Recognition Program (PAR)


To Recognize and Reward the outstanding contributors and representatives of the EWGA-Canada York-Simcoe Chapter for their participation and volunteering, at EWGA-Canada York-Simcoe Chapter events and for recruitment of EWGA-Canada York-Simcoe Chapter members.

The PAR program runs from January to September each year.


• 1 point will be awarded to a member each time they attend an event (including pre-season clinics).

• 3 points will be awarded to a member each time they attend a major event (eg. Season opener, the Championship, closing night).

Responsibility for awarding:

Members are responsible for signing in at RedCrest on league night.

The course captain and event coordinators will submit the names of participants to the PAR Points Coordinator.


• Member Volunteer

o Board member = 5 points

o Committees = 3 points

o EWGA event volunteer = 2 points

o Mentoring/buddying of new golfer – 1 point per session per buddy to a maximum of 3 points per buddy.

• Volunteer of the Year will be determined using PAR points.

Volunteer appreciation event to be held in fall at which volunteer contributions will be recognized.


• 3 points will be awarded for every new member you recruit to the York-Simcoe Chapter.

• 1 point per new guests.

Responsibility for awarding:

• Membership chair will be responsible for submitting names based on the information received from the registration process.

• Recruiter of the Year will be determined based on recruitment PAR points.


•The PAR program is open to all members in good standing at the time of the drawing.

•Points will be tracked and monitored by the PAR Points Coordinator and reported to the Board of Directors.

• Recruiter of the Year will be presented at our closing event.