“While We’re Young”

Golf Tip – July 2013

“While we’re young!” is part of the new USGA campaign to encourage faster pace of play.  Playing golf at the recommended pace makes for a more enjoyable game for all.Here are a few things we can all do to pick up the pace:

  • Play “ready golf”.  The first person at the tee box ready to play goes.
  • On the fairway, be ready to play your shot as soon as possible.  This means thinking about your shot before you get there, so you minimize the time needed to select a club.  Have a concise pre-shot routine.
  • Head to your ball only on every shot, so you are ready to play as soon as it’s your turn.
  • Help look for a lost ball after you’ve hit your shot.  Time spent looking for a lost ball should be minimized.
  • If you are using a cart, and it’s cart path only, take enough clubs to your ball so you can choose the right club without going back to the cart.
  • If you are on a cart, practice “one in, one out”.  After your shot, drive directly to the next shot.  Put the club from the previous shot back at the same time you pull out the club for the next shot.
  • Clear the green quickly.  Mark your score on the next tee, and make sure you’ve left your cart or bag in the direction of the next hole so you don’t have to walk back.
  • Competitive play can slow things down.  When you’re playing match play, for example, you may take a bit more time over your shots, and mark every putt instead of putting out.  In consideration of others, we still need to be conscious of keeping up to the group in front of us.  If a gap opens up, please wave the group behind you through.