League Play

Markham Green & RedCrest

The EWGA York-Simcoe plays out of RedCrest and Markham Green.

Please see info below about the tee times for each course.


On Tuesday night, we play at Red Crest, the premium golf course at Cardinal Golf Course.

2018 EWGA tee times

There are 2 blocks of tee times:

  • Early time – 3:00pm, 3:10pm and 3:20pm
  • Later time – 5:00pm, 5:10pm and 5:15pm

Members can book up to a week in advance and bookings are done by phone 905-841-7378.

Anything not booked by the Sunday afternoon prior to our league night will be released to the public.

Markham Green 

On Thursday mornings, we play at Markham Green.

Tee times start at approximately 10:30am

Rate and details:

  • The 9-hole green fee is $31 (includes tax)
  • Cart fee $10 per rider
  • A replay rate of $17 for another 9 holes. The replay round can be played BEFORE your tee time!
  • No additional cart fee for the replay 9 holes.

Tee times can be booked up to a week in advance by calling Markham Green.

Any times NOT booked the day before (Wednesday) will be released to the public.


The course is fully licensed and the clubhouse offers a place for golfers to grab something to eat before or after their round. 

If you have questions or concerns about league play please contact Anne Jessop, president@ewga-yorksimcoe.ca