Match Play

2018 Match Play
This year we are running a sudden death format. You are guaranteed one game. There will be no consolation side.
Handicaps for round 1 will be taken on July 1st. 
Each round needs to be completed by the following dates:
  • Round 1 by end of day July 27th.
  • Round 2 by end of day August 24th.
  • The final round must  be completed by Sept 25. 

Round 1 results coming soon!

The winner will be announced at our closing banquet on September 25th.
At the end of your round email the Match Play Committee Chair Anne Jessop ( to advise of your score so the bracket can be updated. 
The format for the York-Simcoe chapter includes a 9-hole round which is usually played on league night.  Participants do have the option to play their match at another time and location as long as that course has a rating and both players agree to play elsewhere.
Players must play and finish their match before the deadlines posted for each round. If both players are unable to play their match within the noted time period, the Match Play Committee Chair could determine that both players would forfeit their match. This would mean that the next opponent in their bracket would receive a victory and bye to move on to the next round.

If one of the players cannot play within the bracket time period, the Match Play Committee Chair could determine that the player would forfeit the match, and the other player would advance into the next round.

Hopefully everyone can work this out and be reasonable. Schedule your match as soon as the bracket is updated to ensure finishing your match in time. Playing your match prior to the scheduled deadline is allowed if that part of the bracket is ahead.

Scorecards will be provided for each round and will be at the Red Crest Proshop. Remember, you do not need to play your match at Redcrest. Feel free to play your 9-hole match at other courses as long as both parties agree. 

We will be playing in accordance with the Rules of Golf Canada.

For a quick reference on the applicable rules for Match Play, visit:

The R&A website or the USGA website.

Link to:

2018 Match Play guidelines

2018 Match Play Rules

The format and rules are the same as previous years.


Access information about the 2017 Match Play and results from previous years



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