Tips for Pace of Play

6 Easy Ways to Keep Up With Pace of Play

“Pace of play” is a hot topic for new and professional golfers alike. Professionals playing slowly can be penalized and may even lose money. As a new golfer, you might fear that being a straggler could cost you another invite to play. If you’re playing with clients or coworkers, you might even worry that it will indirectly cost you money, too.

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Have no fear. While there aren’t any speed limits posted on the golf course, keeping up with the flow of play will ease your mind and create a more enjoyable golf experience for you! Here are six stress-free tips to help you keep up when you feel like you’re slowing down:

1. Don’t worry about the group behind you; rather, focus on keeping up with the group ahead.

2. On the green, stand by your ball so you’re ready to play when it’s your turn. Line up your putt while the others are putting, being careful to not distract them.

3. Mark the scorecard when you reach the next hole. Two reasons: you don’t want to get hit by incoming balls and you have time at the next hole while your playing partners are selecting clubs and teeing off.

4. If using a cart, don’t put your club away after hitting. Hang on to it while you drive or ride to the next shot. When you step out of the cart again, put your club(s) back in the bag.

5. When you have to leave your cart to walk a distance to the ball, bring an extra club or two. If you think you need a 7-iron, take your 6 and 8-iron as well. This is called “bracketing.” If you’re close to the green, grab your putter. Your playing partner can drive the cart to the green.

6. If you’re really worried about falling behind, just “pick up to keep up.” As a recreational golfer, it’s always ok to pick up your ball and drop it closer to the green or another playing partner’s ball. Finish the hole by putting with everyone else.

By using just one or even all the above tips for keeping up when you’re slowing down, you’ll enjoy your round of golf more and be able to play with anyone!

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